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cabel modem drivers

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Win 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
Latest version:
12.18 7/8/13
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84 MB
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TESTED VIRUS FREE - cabel modem drivers

cabel modem drivers is virus-free!

We've analyzed the latest version of cabel modem drivers with 30 antivirus engines and found that it’s virus-free.

Download cabel modem drivers

User reviews cabel modem drivers

  • September 15, 2012, 00:26 | Posted by Boniface1981

    very cool!.was not aware of this great site and the gui here is quite nice, albeit one must take a screenshot to save a recipe.portable too.@clement: i like the gui and it is like a cookbook which needs no install, just internet access. did i mention it's portable? i have enough bookmarks.a similar software is ybook. it's portable & will access the gutenberg online library and download any book for you to save &/or read. do i want to go to gutenberg's website via a bookmark?. uh...noas well i could simply use httrack to rip recipe4win's entire website to my hd. again, i'd rather not.
  • January 21, 2013, 15:04 | Posted by Bryon1982

    they are releasing drivers like crazy because they have been long overdue. this driver has finally fixed the issue of intermittent connection problems using cat 6 with certain specific settings and network configurations, whether or not it's listed in the specs (possibly i missed one of the recent driver updates?) works fine for me.
  • January 05, 2013, 12:06 | Posted by Rudolph1977

    they often issue this to remove rootkits or other malware that is otherwise very difficult to detect and remove. rootkits, after all, can hide from any security software while the os is booted. i applaud microsoft's introduction into the security market with this and mse. this tool basically will take care of any essential threat that need be pushed out due to the infection rate, or implications.
  • January 01, 2013, 05:30 | Posted by Reginald1974

    this page is littered with "download now" buttons that are nothing but advertisements to other stuff i do not want. i cant tell how to download the k-lite codec pack. i am not clicking on any button on this page. you people who run this site should clean this mess up. it looks like nothing but a big scam page. does the k-lite codec pack even exist?
  • October 26, 2012, 10:37 | Posted by Derick1982

    no problems here...
  • September 17, 2012, 18:00 | Posted by Absolom1982

    i dealt with j. river ages ago when we tried to use some of their networking products. we quickly figured out that support was not one of their priorities (nor was standards adherence). if you run into trouble with any of their products you're effectively on your own unless you are (a) one of handful of major enterprises they depend on to survive, or (b) you raise the specter of legal action and have the means to back it up.
  • December 15, 2012, 14:47 | Posted by Ralf1973

    far from finished but they seem to have done a very good job from the bottom so this could really kick a** once it matures .. as opposed to some emulators out there thats a patchwork of immense far as the dual core this or that.. not all applications are multicore aware and converting one architecture to another in realtime is haaaaaaard woooooork.. especially if you are trying to make cycle exact emulation.... its not as if the ds has a intel x86 compatible cpu..there still arent any 100% exact commondore 64 emulators out there.. 99.98% maybe but consider how old the c64 is!
  • January 17, 2013, 16:11 | Posted by Allan1987

    lol lol why *would* you need a program to lock this? ok maybe just to lock it up!now that isn't a bad idea!!
  • January 13, 2013, 05:16 | Posted by Xavier1973

    mirc will always reign. i don't know what it's lacking exactly, but it's the most configurable irc client out there. if i had to choose, i'd rather be a script kiddie over a graphics boy.

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cabel modem drivers


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